Microscopic tornado bubble jets and powerful convective stirring is extraordinarily effective even on thick, soupy wastewater.

Aquablaster is an aeration diffusion apparatus that combines high oxygen solubility with powerful convective stirring. Aquablaster resolves issues with insufficient dissolved oxygen and insufficient circulation in exhaust gas and wastewater treatment at all kinds of factories.



Although in the past our claims have been considered far-fetched according to the conventional wisdom surrounding water treatment, we have built up a track record of over 10 years and have made over 60 deliveries of entire systems to customers including major plant operators, major baked goods plants and automakers.


Outstanding oxygen dissolution efficiency

Powerful air bombardment of internal protrusions produces microscopic air bubbles, boosting the dissolved oxygen content of high-load wastewater or circulating water. Infusing the entire tank with oxygen supports the aerobic respiration of microorganisms, maximizing their metabolic performance and biodegradation capacity.

Oxygen dissolution efficiency for spring water at a temperature of 20 degrees C


Oxygen dissolution speed at MLSS700mg/l and water temperature of 23 degrees C



Stirring convection of micro-bubbles is the key to wastewater purification

  • Minimal sludge accumulation on bottom
  • Micro-bubbles are distributed throughout entire water tank

To maintain wastewater tank environments, one essential point is the efficient activation of aerobic bacteria. Employ Aquablaster in wastewater tanks for quick and efficient substance breakdown and purification.


Microscopic bubble generation mechanism


Bombardment of protrusions designed based on fluid dynamics principles with a mixed air-liquid flow generates micro-bubbles.


Industrial wastewater treatment

  • Treatment of wastewater from food processing
  • Treatment of wastewater containing mineral oils
  • Treatment of wastewater from livestock farming
  • Treatment of wastewater from industrial waste processing

Purification and recycling of circulating water

  • Purification and recycling of circulating water for washing
  • Sludge reduction and recycling of circulating water for solvent-based paints
  • Purification and recycling of circulating water for water-based paints

Prevention of rotting in building cesspits

  • Purification of building cesspit wastewater and prevention of rotting
  • Prevention of rotting odors from grease traps


  • Groundwater treatment
  • Pond purification
  • Product mixing
  • Dust collection and deodorization of low air-volume gases
  • Food product wastewater treatment plant


    Baked goods plant wastewater purification

  • Food product wastewater treatment plant


    Boxed lunch plant wastewater purification

  • Purification of water containing mineral oils


    Purification of dining hall wastewater and workpiece washing water

  • Purification of water containing mineral oils


    Vehicle servicing plant wastewater purification

  • Prevention of rotting in building cesspits


    Hotel subterranean pit wastewater purification

  • Prevention of rotting in building cesspits/h4>

    Hotel subterranean pit wastewater purification

  • Industrial circulating water purification


    Circulating water purification of paint sediment pond at automobile plant

  • Industrial circulating water purification


    Circulating water purification of shower tester at automobile plant

  • Waste plastic wastewater treatment plant


    Waste plastic washing-water purification

  • Groundwater purification


    Automobile plant groundwater purification

  • Pond purification


    Automobile plant groundwater purification

  • Stored wastewater treatment


    Stored wastewater purification

Standard specifications

AS Series


AL Series


Aquablaster Specification table

Product name Product no. Applied air volume Size Connecting part
AS Series AS-250 175-275 L/min W110*H215 5K-10A Flange
AL Series AL-750 600-900 L/min W240*H465 10K-25A Flange
AL-1100 900-1300 L/min W240*H465 10K-25A Flange
AL-1500 1300-1700 L/min W240*H465 10K-32A Flange

Bespoke production and air volume control according to the intended use is possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Installation example


Recommended water depth: 600 – 2000mm (does not necessarily apply when using with an equalizing tank)

Air spray angle: approx. 30 degrees


Recommended water depth: 1500 – 6000mm

(does not necessarily apply in the case of high-load circulating water such as in painting booths or deep shaft aeration)

Air spray angle: approx. 30 degrees

*Installation is generally performed so that wave bursts sweep across the water surface, but this does not necessarily apply depending on load, etc. Feel free to consult Thaiairsystem